Re: Australopithecus anamensis

Annette Smith (
20 Aug 95 19:52:27 GMT

sandee@Think.COM (Daan Sandee) wrote:

>Today's New York Times reports (CNN last night had a snippet) that there
>will be an article in today's Nature about the discovery of a new
>hominid species.
>Authors: Meave Leakey (team leader), Alan Walker (anatomist), Craig Feibel
> and Ian McDougall (both geologists).
>21 specimens, including teeth, jaw parts, cranial parts, tibia, and humerus.
>Age : 3.9 to 4.2 mya.

The latest edition of national geographic has an article by m. leakey
which discusses a little of the contex of the findings.

The Globe and Mail (Toronto) mentioned that T.White was also
considering the idea that his finds may be found to be a side line.

Annette Smith