Re: What Would Sex With A Apith Been Like...?

20 Aug 1995 09:16:18 GMT

Steve Price ( sez:

`Hehehe, this was so lucid, I had to xpost this to a.n.k.
`What do you think, guys? Does BARD get to be King Kook of s.p.a.?
`Or is he just a mendicant?

Well, let's see: first of all, the home of all discerning kookwatchers
is alt.usenet.kooks. And, as a long time regular and talent scout
for a.u.k., I can tell you, bard barely moves the needle on
the kook.meter. He belongs in the lesser category, net.nuisance.
The only award he'd qualify for is the Golden Killfile Trophy,
awarded more or less monthly to the net.nuisance most deserving
of being erased from the conscious attention of newgroup participants.

Of course, in order to carry the vote, you'd have to provide
lot's of posts to support your case, and do some campaigning...
Generally the nominee has to be a really memorable pain in the
ass before people are sufficiently motivated to go to all
that trouble.

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