Re: AAT Questions...

Elaine Morgan (
Tue, 15 Aug 1995 21:03:31 GMT

David Chan;
You've had a lot of answers and I'd agree with them. There's been
disagreement among the experts about just how our ancestors moved in
the trees but none would go for leap-and-cling. I heard a guy just back
from madagascar and he was clear it's an unmistakable lemur speciality

Gerrit: Good points about the urine. It would seem to stand to reason
that if anything had kidneys they would cope with excess salinity.
But in practice it doesn't always apply. The marine cvreatures that use
salt glands or lacrimal glands have kidneys too. Maybe if they get too
overloadd with salt it would impair thair capacity to deal with other
toxic wastes. Our urine by the way is at the dilute end of the
spectrum, for what that's worth - all part of general pattern of

H Erwin

Small herbivores enlarge and carnivores and ungulates dwarf on
Fascinating. I knew the big ones often dwarfed but I didn't know it
was a rule, nor where the break point was. Worth keeping in mind if and
when they find a late-ish last-common-ancestor.