Re: AAT and the bones

alex duncan (
15 Aug 1995 00:39:10 GMT

In article <40l158$> Thomas Clarke, writes:

>It seems to me that Lucy and other like-aged bipedal fossils have put
>the nail in the savannah hypothesis already. At the time of lucy,
>the savannah environments were only beginning to develop, hence it is
>hard to account for evolution of bidpedalism as a response to the
>change from forest to savannah when bipedalism predates this change.

The savanna idea has been dead for a long time. However, the idea that
modern, efficient bipedalism evolved as an adaptation to moving around in
a terrestrial environment is well supported.

>Bipedalism must have evolved in response to changes in the environment
>other than the forest/savannah transition.
>To my way of thinking, isolation on islands fills the bill nicely.

How is isolation on an island going to result in bipedalism?

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