Mon, 14 Aug 95 12:25:50 -0500

NE>Actually, I think the fact that many AAT proponents PREDICT where
NE>the missing fossils will be found is a strong point of the theory.
NE>Look in the Danakil Alps and other areas in the Afar triangle that
NE>were isolated islands 4-7 MY ago.

A good point.

NE>Last night I was mowing my patch of savannah, dodging the trees making
NE>up my bit of forest, thinking if the AAT were not true, why
NE>do I go the trouble and expense to have a pool, my own private
NE>body of water.


Not scientific, but somehow instinctively compelling evidence, isn't it?
Why is it that so many people think of a quiet, slightly salty beach as
a most calming and safe haven from stress? Could we take a poll, do you
think, to ascertain the feelings of people who, if money were no object,
would retire either to a beach house on the shore or to a treehouse in
the woods (or to little house on the prairie <g>)?

And would any of that prove anything about our past habitats of 4-8 mya?


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