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J. Moore (
Sun, 13 Aug 95 17:42:00 -0500

El> When I said the only references to non-human terrestrial psychic
El> sweating were to cows and chimps, I did not mean the only references in
El> my book. I meant the only references I had ever seen anywhere (both
El> post-Scars).

For a writer, you seem oddly ignorant here of the concept of context,
which in the case of your answer seemed clearly to point to the
2nd paragraph that followed having something to do with the 1st:

El> > I sais we seem to have no consensus on which nonhuman mammls weep
El> > psychic tears so anecdotes about them can't be evidence. You say "then
El> > why did you present it as such in Scars?"

El> > The only statements on non-human psychic weeping concern cows and
El> > chimps.

I accept your above explanation that your 2nd paragraph was instead
simply a rather elaborate non sequitor. However, your statement
was still false, since you did make statements, which I quoted,
about the alleged emotional tears of seagulls and sea otters.

El> Perhaps it may be possible to arrive at a synthesis
El> one day. That is more likely to happen now that we are reasoning with
El> one another instead of shouting at one another.
El> Elaine

You mean now that you are no longer making spurious claims that
I've misrepresented your work and words, or quoted you out of
context? I thought that you'd stopped that because every time you
did so I provided quotes from you showing that you had in fact,
contrary to your claims, said what I reported, and that my quotes
of your words were not out of context. If it is instead because
of a new era of reasoning toward enlightenment... well, that's
okay too, but I'll believe it when I see it. Or rather, I'll
believe it when I see some evidence of reasoned answers to the
many problems of the AAT which have been kindly pointed out to you
and others by me and others in this newsgroup.

I won't, however, be holding my breath while I wait... ;-(

Jim Moore (

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