Re: Unsubstantiated Rumor (Question)

Joerg Rhiemeier (
9 Aug 1995 12:28:56 GMT

In article <408uev$101@grid.Direct.CA>, Mitchell Anderson (manders@Direct.CA) wrote:
> Three times over the last ten years, I've heard a
>rumor about a find in Alberta. Apparently, two near-
>complete skeletons were found in association with
>stone tools. This isn't a big deal unless you consider
>the rest of the rumor... man-sized, opposable-thumbed,
>dinosaur with a cranial capacity similar to ours?!?
> I heard that the Canadian Government made
>the fossils disappear & that the paleontologists involved
>were happy the same didn't happen to them.
> Can anyone elucidate?

I was close to laughing my guts out when I read THIS.

This stuff sounds like typical supermarket tabloid crackpotry (especially
that `government-makes-the-fossils-disappear' bit), and I guess that's
exactly what it is.

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