Re: SOFT (really soft) spots

11 Aug 1995 12:14:52 GMT

alex duncan ( wrote:
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: writes:

: >This is why the head of the human infant is
: >"soft" and contains a partial "soft spot" in the skull so that it is
: >better able to slip down the birth cannal.

: I'm a little baffled. If this is WHY human infants have unfused cranial
: bones (resulting in "softness"), why do the same features show up in all
: other mammals, and even birds? Do birds need a "soft" skull to get out
: of their eggs? I would think a hard skull would help them break out of
: the shell better.

: (That was sarcasm, above. I'd hate to think no one noticed.)

: There's just got to be an adaptive explanation for EVERYTHING.

Unfused sutures allow the brain to grow.

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