Re: New Homo Found?

Herb Huston (
12 Aug 1995 23:19:09 -0400

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}Greetings All! I'm back, if anyone is still here who remembers me. Anyway,
}yesterday I read a newspaper article about some new fossils found in
}Western Europe that are supposedly 200,000 yrs older than anything found
}thus far but *ARE NOT* Homo erectus. They are claiming this as a completely
}new species of Homo!? Anybody else heard anything about this? I didn't
}find any reference to it in the latest Science. Thanks.

There was a story on Page A3 of _The Washington Post_ for Friday, August
11. It said that the discoveries are reported in "today's" issue of
_Science_, which is the one that will appear in my library in about one

-- Herb Huston