Re: Piltdown dupes

Phil Nicholls (
Sun, 13 Aug 1995 02:58:17 GMT (Rev EarlL) wrote:

>Are you quite sure that the Sir Arthur to which you are referring is Conan
>Doyle? Piltdown was a live issue in my generation in Palaeoanthrpology,
>and we had to wrestle with E. A. Hooten's taking it hook, line and sinker.
>But one of the lights who also gave considerable support to the "finds"
>was Sir Arthur Keith. I personally doubt that Conan Doyle was enough with
>it in this world to have noticed old Pilty.
>Earl L. Langguth

Actually, I heard a rumor that Conan-Doyle and Keith hated each other
and that Conan Doyle actually planted the piltdown remains to humble
Phil Nicholls
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