Re: AAT is dogma

alex duncan (
12 Aug 1995 19:45:15 GMT

In article <40fp9e$> Thomas Clarke, writes:

>> And so, a question for proponents of the AAT: what would it take to
>> falsify your hypothesis?
>A reasonably complete fossil record extending from proto-ape
>to Lucy would do nicely.

You may claim this would do nicely, but that is not what Ms. Morgan says.
She indicates that the AAT prediction for the postcranial skeleton of A.
ramidus does not differ from the predictions I or any other
paleoanthropologist might make based upon our expectations from an
arboreal/terrestrial model. You may see the issues a little more clearly
than Ms. Morgan does. Perhaps you could clarify exactly how a complete
fossil record is going to falsify the AAT.

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