10 Aug 1995 12:07:34 GMT

I have two sons looking for good schools in archaeology. (Yes, I know
about the job prospects, and so do they.) The older is completing a BA in
history at Bard College, with a senior thesis on the gypsy role in
society during the middle ages. He has limited numeracy, but I have
insisted on his learning at least the basics in economics. He does have
basic computer skills and has developed a demographic model for a Minoan
palace community on a spreadsheet. He enjoys modeling and analysis. He
speaks English, French, Russian, and Welsh.

The younger is entering his junior year of high school. He has about a 3.8
GPA and scored 1500 (unadjusted) on the SAT during his sophomore year. He
just completed a 3 week CTY course in basic archaeology at Franklin and
Marshall College and received an excellent evaluation. He has good
numeracy and computer skills, but is weak in English composition. He is
_very_ interested in modeling, although he is still a bit naive about
experimental issues. His analysis skills are excellent. He is familiar
with MacClade and similar tools. He enjoys fieldwork and is regarded as
reliable, requiring little or no supervision.

Harry Erwin
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