Re: AAT is dogma

Thomas Clarke (
11 Aug 1995 14:25:50 GMT

In article <4091cv$> alex duncan
<> writes:

> And so, a question for proponents of the AAT: what would it take to
> falsify your hypothesis?

A reasonably complete fossil record extending from proto-ape
to Lucy would do nicely.

Actually, I think the fact that many AAT proponents PREDICT where
the missing fossils will be found is a strong point of the theory.
Look in the Danakil Alps and other areas in the Afar triangle that
were isolated islands 4-7 MY ago.

Last night I was mowing my patch of savannah, dodging the trees making
up my bit of forest, thinking if the AAT were not true, why
do I go the trouble and expense to have a pool, my own private
body of water.

Tom Clarke