Re: where's Jane Auel (Clan of the Cavebear, etc.)

Michelle Geary-Mallett (
10 Aug 1995 06:13:09 GMT

Daniel Yee ( wrote:
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: brian r. mcdonald <> wrote:
: >possibly, instead, for having
: >written such an outstandingly researched work of anthropology that
: >it is the only work of fiction i have ever read which could quite
: >legitimately be use as the text of an undergraduate course (other
: >than a lit course, obviously, for those prone to a sarky reply).

: An undergraduate course in what? I can't imagine anyone using Auel as
: a text in a palaeoanthropology course, except perhaps for humour value.
: As for her being a great novelist... I'm not sure whether that is
: less or more laughable an idea! (Note: my opinion is based solely
: on _Clan of the Cave Bear_ and _Valley of Horses_ -- that was about
: as much as I could cope with.)

: If you want a work of fiction which could be used in an anthropology
: course, have a look at Ursula Le Guin's _Always Coming Home_.

: Danny Yee.

Or perhaps _The Left Hand of Darkness_ would be good, for exploring the
role of sexuality in cultural development.