Re: AAT Questions...

Wed, 09 Aug 1995 23:56:24 GMT

I've been following the AAH discussions at S.A.P for the last couple of
months. Here are a couple of points which I don't think have been

1. If the Littoral environment was such a paradise for the
newly-aquatic ape (abundant food, escape from predators etc.), then
natural selection would not weeded out many individuals, and hence
evolution would have been at a snail's pace, few changes would have
occured in the population and a near-human would not have evolved.

2. An aquatic near-human population which thrived on the seashore
would not have set off inland just because inland had become a
tolerable place to live once more. A disincentive for staying put
would have to have made being a beach bum such a drag that it was worth
venturing into the unknown. Species do not, as far as I know, radiate
into unfilled ecological niches unless their own niche is under threat
(someone please correct me if I'm wrong).

David Chan