Regarding BARD

Dave Keeny (
9 Aug 1995 18:37:41 GMT

Personally, I am not bothered by Bard's posts or his sense of humor.
Some of his posts, IMO, *are* humorous -- but, then, I have a somewhat
bent sense of humor. Others have posted irreverent articles here,
poking fun at the subject matter and at people who *appear* at times
to take things a bit too seriously, without stirring up so much
animosity. I guess it's the frequency and the in-your-face content
of his posts that bother many of this group's readers. I understand
that; I just don't react the same way.

My unsolicited two cents? If he annoys you, use your kill file or other
filter. Most newsreaders have this feature. If you can't, then just don't
read his posts or the followups, and don't followup yourself (followups
complaining about Bard's posts or making snappy rejoinders outnumber Bard's
own posts by probably 3:1). Look into forming a moderated group -- there
is a FAQ available in news.answers.

(Also, sending E-mail to those who have responded to Bard's posts asking
them to stop, and thanking them for their cooperation in the matter,
is a little presumptuous and *not* a little irritating in itself, P.N.).

Maybe I'm alone in not being bothered by this guy's posts, but those who
are bothered have ways to deal with it.

Dave (preferred)