Mon, 07 Aug 95 22:12:25 -0500

NE>school of posting, which is typical of his age group. The expansion
NE>of internet access is a two-edged sword. With more people gain access
NE>to the internet the frequency of non-productive intrusives increases.
NE>It just annoys me when children use sci newsgroups to conduct
NE>flamefests. I wish netcom and aol would teach their users some

But they are not interested in MANNERS; they are interested in MONEY.

And the parents of these children are interested in keeping their
children wholesomely entertained in an educational environment, and out
of the way.

Now if someone only knew how to contact BARD's mama, and send her a copy
of his posts, we might get some relief from this wunderkind; otherwise,
the best strategy is to completely ignore him.

Ann Nunn
Parenting Counselor
(Free of charge advice a specialty)

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