Re: There's a point...

Elaine Morgan (
Mon, 07 Aug 1995 13:17:05 GMT

J.Moore; Hi.

When I said the only references to non-human terrestrial psychic
sweating were to cows and chimps, I did not mean the only references
in my book. I meant the only references I had ever seen anywhere
(both post-Scars). I don't believe either cows or chimps have psychic
tears. I was trying to avoid saying so because it could only lead to
one of those arguments that goes "I don't believe you, so there", and
"I don't believe you either, nya nya". I said we do not have consensus
rather than saying we have consensus apart from a couple of nutters.
This squabble is not only unproductive but surely unnecessary. There
must be somewhere a student looking for a subject for a thesis who
could supply us with the hard facts. You should welcome this because
your chances of triumphing are infinitely greater than mine. However
many terrestrials are found without psychic tears you can still say
"Ah, but there may be some you haven't examined." You only have to
find one that comes out positive when scientifically tested and you
can say "There you are, another lie from Morgan".

No, I do not think that biology is like physics. I know that a theory
is a theory is a theory. Darwinism is still a theory.
Most people still go along with it because it explains more of the
known facts than any other hypothesis. That seems to me the only valid
way to assess a theory, and I am quite happy for this debate to be
conducted on those lines. My only gripe (now happily obsolescent) was
that one theory (AAT) was dismissed without assessment,
instinctively, by gut reaction. The bones and stones people were
regarded as the last court of appeal. Their contribution is
indeed vital. But if evidence from other sources like comparative
anatomy supplies facts that do not confirm their version of events
or appear to be incompatible with it, then their scenario is open to
question like anybody else's. Maybe they are right. But I hold their case
to non-proven as it stands. Perhaps it may be possible to arrive at a
synthesis one day. That is more likely to happen now that we are
reasoning with one another instead of shouting at one another.