Re: I Actually Saw a Live Pith...

Mon, 7 Aug 1995 12:35:37 GMT

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Daniel Yee <> wrote:
>In article <>, BARD <> wrote:
>> Yeah, I don't have to take no gruff from you. I did my time in
>> Vietnam..
>That's interesting, because the current most objectionable entity on
>anthro-l also served in Vietnam. I wonder if there is some connection.
>Danny Yee.

I wonder if you and Phil were once connected at the hip, or
is it you're trying to get your moon-face head between his hips?

You come out of no where and began calling me names.

Then turn around and compare me with some flash-backing
Nam vet...

What da fuck is your problem, pal?

The price of MSG keeps going up?