Re: New finds at Sterkfontein?

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Sun, 6 Aug 1995 19:44:26 LOCAL

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>Subject: Re: New finds at Sterkfontein?
>Date: 30 Jul 1995 17:34:26 GMT

>The find was not clear. It sounds as though an archeologist went back
>through a pile of old rock and debris, and in this debris appears to be
>new foot bones, which have a very prehensile toe.

>This very valuable find was 'overlooked' by all previous researchers.

>Sounds like it could be the making of a hoax, as details are vague or
>missing and hype is first on the agenda.

>Time will tell.



I haven't seen reference to the cite for this topic, so....

Ronald J. Clarke and Phillip V. Tobias
Sterkfontein Member 2 Foot Bones of the Oldest South African Hominid
Science vol 269 pp.521-524
submitted 7 Feb 1995, accepted 16 May 1995, published 28 Jul 1995

I feel hoax is far too strong a word here. Read the article.