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Clara N. Fitzgerald (
6 Aug 1995 20:44:49 GMT (Lloyd Jacobs) writes:

>Ralph L Holloway ( wrote:

>: The recent announcement, by the way, by Witelson et al, regarding an
>: increased neural density in female brains should mean LESS, not MORE,
>: synaptic connectivity, if the neural geometrics are the same between
>: males and females.

>If synaptic connectivity has something to do with neuronal redundancy it
>may imply females have less of a need for a tough brain (better immune
>system, more fat reserves to tolerate famine, they aren't clobbered over
>the head as often etc.).

There's some padding (fat) involved also; I don't know how the
proportions are related.
I was taught that female brains recover from injury more easily than
male brains do; any speculation on the mechanism?

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