Re: What Would Sex With A Apith Been Like...?

Fri, 4 Aug 1995 21:42:16 GMT

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HARRY R. ERWIN <> wrote:
>BARD ( wrote:
>: In another post, someone suggested apiths probably practised
>: rear entry. Some comparison was made with apes. We know, for
>: example, the lowland gorilla's penis averages 2 inches; humans,
>: 4 1/2 to 5 inches. Should we then conjecture the apith's was somewhere
>: between, say, 3-4 inches?
>: This is a good length, long enough to produce orgasm in
>: the female; thus, should we conjecture further apiths
>: like to fuck?
>It's an interesting question. We don't have enough data to say, especially
>as this is an area particularly prone to sexual selection; however, you
>might look at Bonobos and Chimps as possible models. What you might
>regard as sexual behavior approaching that of modern humans probably
>emerged 1.75 MYr ago with early Homo erectus. Prior to that, there is
>evidence of marked sexual dimorphism with all that can entail. I have
>some opinions, but they are little more than speculations.
>Harry Erwin

Yes, this whole area of Apith sexuality seems to have been ignored.
Do you think, for example, Apiths preferred the missionary
position over rear entry?