Re: Which Colleges for grad program?

Philip Louis Reno (
3 Aug 1995 14:42:54 GMT

Eric T. Slinkman ( wrote:
: I would be interested in someone who is recently familiar with the
: admissions process to post some statistics about requirements needed for
: admissions to various Ph.D programs. I seem to have a hard time getting
: straight answers from anyone. What is basically an ok GRE score? What
: GPA should one have to consider top notch programs, etc. If anyone just
: got in somewhere, what is your field, and what are your credentials?

: Thanks,
: --Eric
Having just gone through the whole precess myself, I'll relate what I
have seen and heard.

One of my undergraduate advisors stated, "anything below a 600 is
fatal." I'm not sure ia agree with this, because I know of people who
have gotten in with one of the scores below 600, but I'm not sure I would
want to risk it. You should have something else going for you with low
scores. It certainly was an insentive for me to get that verbal score up.

>From what I have seen it seems that most physical students do _very_ well
in the qualitative and analytical (above 700) and not as good in verbal
(but still above 600), and that this trend is reversed for cultureal

Hope this helps.