Re: I Actually Saw a Live Pith...

Fri, 4 Aug 1995 03:10:13 GMT

In article <3uvg1u$>,
Daniel Yee <> wrote:
>To call what the latest objectionable entity has been doing trolling
>is a complete misuse of the term. He is ignorant, boring, unoriginal,
>offensive, and he lacks a sense of humour.
>Danny Yee.

Sir, your remarks were uncalled for...

I made a simple assertion.

I was prepared to discuss in length had anyone shown me the
simple courtesy of emailing me for the particulars.

You'll recall they laughed at Christopher Columbus when he
said the world was round; the Wright Brothers before Kitty Hawk;
the New York Mets in... Scratch that... I think you get the point..

Which is, of course, that which often seems unlikely ain't
necessarily so.

So, you don't believe there are any more little furry creatures with
brains as small as Phil Nicoll's running around in jungle?

Why? Why? Why?

I know, because the fossil record, the old, goddamn fossil record
doesn't support such an hypothesis, right?

Well, does the fossil record explain how an idiot like Phil Nicholls
survived evolution, answer me that, huh, huh?

Does a bag of old dusty bones explain how his ancestors slipped
through the gene pool undetected?

And what about your ancestors with a stupid name like "Yee"?

I mean, how much larger than the apith's can your brain be?

In fact, I bet apiths were taller than you, too, you little
malnourished dwarf. And no, I'm not talking Bosei, I'm talking
Afarensis... Yeah, the little dinky ones...

In fact, I bet Lucy was even taller than you, you little squirt...

Yeah, I don't have to take no gruff from you. I did my time in

But I digress....

So, in passing, just let me say,

You can kiss my ass, Mr. Fucking Yee.

If you can jump that high...