12 Questions... please answer.

Steven H. Schimmrich (ss6349@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu)
2 Aug 1995 23:11:28 GMT

In message <1995Aug2.194539.17559@bradford.ac.uk>, Dewi Morgan
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> In a correspondence with a literal biblical creationist, several questions
> have cropped up. Since these questions cover several fields, none of
> which are within my own field of expertise (electronics!), I thought I
> had better ask on the net. Please note crosposting. If you do not wish to
> send articles to all these groups, please email me, and I will post a
> summary of replies.

Check out the book "Science & Earth History" by Arthur Strahler. It's a
wonderful reference for refuting Biblical literalist claims for a young earth
and special creation. All of the arguments your creationist friend made are
old hat and have been totally refuted many, many times. Take it from someone
who deals with creationists on a regular basis,you can refute his arguments
all day long and he'll probably still go on repeating them tomorrow...

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