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J. Moore (
Sat, 29 Jul 95 11:14:00 -0500

El> At the moment we have no consensus about how common it is for any non-
El> human mammal (aquatic or terrestrial) to shed tears of the Second Kind.
El> Contributors have assured us they have seen chimpanzees weep; in the
El> Valkenburg conference an eminent professor assured me without blushing
El> that cows regularly weep. So until some reserch is done on this I will
El> concede that any argument based on the heartaches of our dumb chums is
El> not evidence.

Then why did you present it as such in *The Scars of Evolution*,
and continue to do so below?

El> and what's interesting about that? Well I find it remarkable. Ejecting
El> fluid from the eyes is not an obvious way to cure sorrow. What is the
El> point of it?

Evolution doesn't have a "point". You want Philosophy, just down
the hall.

El> It is the result of some genetic drift affecting Homo sap
El> and a couple of American chimpanzees and a herd of Dutch cows?
El> Elaine Morgan

Whereas you would suggest that it is more sensible that it is some
"genetic drift" affecting *Homo sapiens* and some sea gulls and
sea otters?

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