Phil Nicholls (
Fri, 28 Jul 1995 02:03:53 GMT (STEPHEN BRAND ) wrote:

>As I see it.
> Johansen brings the *paleo to the people*, something Richard Leakey
>apparently has abandoned.

Nearly dying in a plane crash will do that to you. Also, prior to the
accident, Richard Leakey was working very hard on elephant
conservation in Kenya. While perhaps less less glamorous it is
important work.

Besides, are you seriously suggesting that the contributions of a
scientists shoul hinge on there TVQ rating?

> There is still plenty of good science in the
>PBS series...just wish there were more productions.

I just wish there had been more balance.

> As an amateur and volunteer, this newsgroup at its best is fun and
>clever paleo discussions. However, the flaming and trolling has
>stripped so much of the dignity from this area of amateur or

This newsgroup is relatively free of flames and trolls and appears to
be picking up steam. Don't confuse flames with strongely held and
defended views.