Re: Which Colleges for grad program?

28 Jul 1995 10:11:56 GMT

The University of Colorado at Boulder has a pretty good grad
program, and is growing and becoming more reputable as of late. The Main
focus is arch/phys anth, but there is reasonable opportunity in cultural
among other things. The Profs are pretty highly motivated and working
actively. There is particular association with the site in central
america which is supposedly more informative (or similarly enlightening)
as Pompe. Can't remember the name though, for some reason. Larry Conyers,
a Phd canidate has made a great deal of progress and new finds as of late
and so it seems an intersted and motivated individual could make agreat
deal of progress at CU. Plus, Boulder is the Mecca of open minded, nature
oriented liberal intellectual upper middle class life exploration types,
not to mention 250 days of sun a year and occasional 80 degree weather in
Febuary with snow on the ground from the night before---and mountainous
terrain beyond the average person's belief. ...Just some thoughts
by me...