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> Harry,
> Here's a real quick and dirty data set. It doesn't resolve the
> Pongo-Siva-Giganto issue. But, I haven't included body mass as a
> character, nor sexual dimorphism (until Sivapithecine taxonomy is worked
> out I think this is problematic).

I sucked your data in and took a look. I've been cleaning up that section
of my DB recently.

1. Enamel thickness was thin in ANCESTOR and Proconsul.
2. I'll use your evaluation of premax/palette
3. I have the orbital data in the system. It's basically the same.
4. I have the interorbital data in the system. Also basically the same.
ANCESTOR and Proconsul are wide. Proconsul is relatively 2-3 times as wide
as Pongo.
5. I have the canine size data in the system.
6. Cranium similar. I actually use four states, including mild and strong
klinorynchy, but I wouldn't mind your opinion in this area. My current
database has the trait absent until Proconsul, mild in Proconsul and
Xenopithecus, absent in the gibbons, airorynch in Pongo and Siva, and
strong in the africans. It's hard to assess without thinking about it and
having some good illustrations.
7. Supraorbital torus similar.
8. Upper incisors similar.

I'll upload the latest stuff sometime this evening (Saturday).

The tree is becoming stable and has the following furcation order:
1. Platyrrhine monkeys
2. Oligopithecus
3. Parapithecids
4. Primitive pliopithecids (Aeg. + Proplio)
5. A trichotomy with the advanced Pliopithecids (treetops?), the
catarrhine monkeys (terrestrial?), and the main line of the apes (low
6. Xenopithecus about here
7. Proconsul and Rangwapithecus
8. Turkanapithecus (dentition)
9. Afropithecus (weight growth)
10. A trichotomy with Oreopithecus+Hylobates (diet and habitat),
Kenyapithecus (diet), and the advanced apes.
11. Pongo and friends. Pongo+Gigantopithecus the heavyweights;
Siva+Rama+Lufengo based on premolar shape and the position of the
zygomatic root.
12. Dryopithecus
13. The african ape clade, including Ouranopithecus and the hominids.

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