Re: Nostrils: a definition

Elaine Morgan (
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 14:24:05 GMT

Comment from Burkhead: the trajectory of breathing isn't awkward
, it doesn't matter whether the path is straight or curved.

Negus spent a lifetime writing heavy tomes on the rsspiratory canal and
do4sn't go with you
Comparing " for instance a fat-running horse or deer to a considerably
slower Man, he says "in the latter there is a tortouos airway withsharp
angles at the anterior and posterior choanae and at the larynx. In
addition to tortuosity there is obstruction at the internal ostium and
at the glottis. There are eddies produced in Man, esp. in the gao
between the posterior nasal passage and the laryngea aperture.."

"While the nose of many vertebrates has reached a high degree of
perfection for humidification, for olfaction, or for rapid transfer of
air currents, the organ in Man is a rather poor affair "

While looking this up,I cam across this nice little comment:

In aquatic species the odorous molecules are perceived when in solution
in water. In terrestrial species a smell conveyed in pure aqueous
solution is not perceived. But if dissolved in saline solution, the
odour may cause stimulation.

"It is somewhat surprising that in terrestrial Man, salt is essential.
Whether this phenomenon applies to terrestrial vertebrates other than
Man does not appesr to be determined."

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