Re: New finds at Sterkfontein?

Thomas M. Simms (
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 17:14:25 AST

On 31 Jul 1995 18:10:22 GMT, writes:
>In article <3vivg5$> KLessa, writes:
>>A *hoax*? Incredibly doubtful. It's possible that Tobias and Clarke
>>are *wrong*, of course, about their interpretation of the fossils'
>>functional morphology--given the differences of opinion on them someone
>>is bound to be. But Tobias and Clarke are highly respected
>>researchers. The idea of a deliberate hoax being perpetuated by these
>>two is laughable. And almost any hominid fossil discovery is
>>accompanied by hype--an unfortunate, but commonplace, state of affairs
>>in paleoanthropology.
>What she (Katey Coffing) said, squared.
>I find it disappointing and disturbing that anyone would even suggest a
>hoax. By publishing, Tobias and Clarke are making their data available
>to the world. Casts will soon be available, and will be rabidly examined
>by anyone with an interest in pedal morphology (including me).
>Anthropologists traveling to S. Africa will expect to be able to see the
>new specimens, and would become suspicious if they were not permitted a
>viewing (and handling).
>Do we have a creationist in our midst?
>Alex Duncan
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>University of Texas at Austin
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You people do the anthropology. Let me confound the "(lower case, half size)
creationists" or, as I prefer, the "cretinists". I have a vested interest.

>From the discussions already, sounds like the unexamined fossils will get a
rapid relooking. Good hunting.

Tom Simms