Info needed on bones!

Helen Haines (
27 Apr 1995 16:02:46 GMT


I am hoping someone out there can help me. I am in desparate need of
information regarding possible pathologies that may result in the
early fusing of epitheses.

The situtation is as follows:
We discovered a skeleton in a cache at a site in central america.
The skeleton is DEFINATELY human. An examination of the mandible and
the teeth suggest an age of 18 months for the individual. The length
of the bones substantiates this age.

The problem:
the epithesis on the proximal end of the radius are fused. An event
that should not occur for several more years?!

Does anyone have any information that may help us determine why this
has occurred? Has anyone heard of this before?

Any help, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Helen R. Haines