Re: Will Anthro get me anywhere?

Robert Scott (
26 Apr 1995 08:29:34 GMT

In article <3njlv3$> Annette Smith, writes:
>Could someone post a list of good Physical Anthropology post-
>graduate schools. I'm getting a Bsc from U of Toronto, mostly
>in human evolution.
> It would be interesting to listen to some discussion about
>the schools that offer programs in this area.
I posted something a while back. I know the dilemma (went through it

Here are my votes (in no particular order):

SUNY Stonybrook
NYCEP program (NYU, Columbia, CUNY, AMNH)
Penn St.
U. Tennessee, Knoxville
Univ. Texas, Austin
Wash. U., St. Louis
Arizona State U.
Colorado, Boulder

Of course, what are your interests? I can tell you most about Yale and
Univ. Texas. E-mail me direct if you are interested and only 2nd hand
opinions on others.

I'd be interested in other peoples thoughts