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24 Apr 1995 19:26:06 GMT

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> Does anyone have any suggestions for some good physical
>anthropology books out there, I'm kind of a beginner on it, although I
>have read most of the popular stuff like Johanson and Leakey.

I liked the following:

Trinkaus E. and Shipman P.: The neandertals, New York:Alfred E. Knopf,

Tattersall I.: The human oddyssey: four million years of human
evolution, New York:Prentice Hall, 1993. (based on the Hall of Human
Biology and Evolution at the American Museum of Natural History)

Reader J.: Missing links: the hunt for earliest man,
Boston,MA:Little,Brown, 1981. (a good history of paleoanthropology,
with many excellent pictures)

Lewin R.: Bones of contention: controversies in the search for human
origins, New York:Simon and Schuster, 1987. (discusses in detail some
of the major controversies that have occurred in paleoanthropology)

Feder K.L. and Park M.A.: Human antiquity: an introduction to physical
anthropology and archaeology, Mountain View, California:Mayfield
Publishing, 1989. (an introductory university-level anthropology

Day M.H.: Guide to fossil man, Chicago:University of Chicago Press,
1986. Ed. 4 (a comprehensive listing of hominid fossils)

Burenhult G.: The first humans: human origins and history to 10,000 BC,
New York:HarperCollins, 1993. (large beautifully illustrated book, but
with more emphasis on cultural aspects than on evolution)

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