Re: bipedalism

Pat Dooley (
25 Apr 1995 03:58:11 -0400

Nicholl's writes:

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>And as long as you [Elaine Morgan] continue to cast the work of
>anthropologists as strawmen, no one is going to take you
>seriously. We have fossil evidence showing that hominids moved
>moved from the forest to savannah.

Unfortunately, that evidence postdates the evolution of bipedalism.
As I understand it, Lucy and her contempories are not believed
to have been savannah dwellers. You might be able to attribute
improvements to bipedalism, such as the ability to lock the knee
when standing upright, to a move to the savannah, but you cannot
claim the original evolution of bipedalism had anything to do with
the savannah.

>We have no evidence that they moved into the water. There is
>nothing in the AAH that can be tested and until this changes
>it remains just another just so story.

And we have no evidence of anything else for the period from 7 mya
to 4 mya or thereabouts, i.e, the period during which bipedalism
evolved. Any theory about how bipedalism evolved is, by your
argument, is another just so story.

Pat D