The New Stone Age

Jack Davis (
Thu, 20 Apr 1995 21:15:31 GMT

It just struck that the mentality of, at least, a segment of the homeless
may be somewhat similar to the Stone Age mentality. This is not a joke or
meant to be derogatory. I happen to find some parts of the Stone Age
quite fascinating, e.g., the sometimes simple, but wonderful monuments
they built. At least some of the homeless have consciously rejected the
cluttered, complicated, ultramaterialistic modern lifestyle to live hand to
mouth (somehow doing my taxes brings this topic to mind), what outdoor
survival expert Larry Dean Olson called the "affective" lifestyle
(necessity the modern of invention). The prehistoric Stone Agers, of
course, didn't have access to modern stuff. But neither do the modern Stone
Age People once they have either rejected or been ejected from modern

I'm not a romantic, I know it's often not a pretty picture out there on the
street, but I think it would be fascinating to see (if possible) into the
minds of some of these modern Stone Age people.