Re: Who Killed the Australopithecines?

JoeBeaver (
23 Apr 1995 02:08:36 -0400

BARD writes:

> Inasmuch as Homo sapiens are responsible for the extinction or
> near extinction of several species, why, as you put it, is it
> "more reasonable to assume genocide is the exception to the
> rule of `natural' extinction"?

This is an easy one. Extinction has been occurring for a couple
years. Homo sapiens has been causing extinctions for not more than
years (less depending on which date you accept for the emergence of H.
sapiens) and probably as few as one to ten thousand years. Let's see,
means H. sapiens has been working at it for only 1/50,000 or so of the
extinctions have occurred. Please note that I used the longest possible
for H. sapiens and the shortest plausible time for all extinctions--the
could easily be more along the lines of 1/200,000. Thus, extinctions
by H. sapiens are clearly the exception to the rule. Since none of those
extinctions caused by H. sapiens could be legitimately referred to as
genocide, I think my statement is quite safe.

Joe Beaver