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12 Apr 1995 11:22:46 GMT

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>>Just a moment. WHAT Gigantopithecus skull? I'm aware of >some mandibles
>>and isolated teeth, but not any cranial materials. R. Holloway
>Let me clarify. You're right, there is no cranial material that has been
>definitely identified as Gigantopithicus (though there is a recently
>discovered Javan fossil that "might" be a temporal bone, but know one can
>be sure). The Giganto skull I referred to is a cranial reconstruction by
>Dr. Grover Krantz using one of the four jaws, and assuming bipedality and
>an ape-sized brain (appropriately scaled to body size). Of course because
>of the limited amount of fossil material available, the reconstruction is
>highly speculative.
>Ira Walters
>Washington State University

Especially the part about bipedalism.

Isn't this the same Grover Krantz who thinks bigfoot is actually
a surviving gigantopithecus?

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