Re: Who Killed the Australopithecines?

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21 Apr 1995 03:05:15 GMT

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>>> In the study of Mitochondrial DNA it has been shown
>>> (Wilson,Caan) that there has been no passage of genes from H.
>>> >to H.Sapiens. One can agree with Bard that a sort of genocide took

>>> >place on H.Erectus. One can also assume that this may be the case
>>> >the Australopithecines.
>>How does the study of Mitochondrial DNA show that there is no passage
>>genes from H. Erectus to H. Sapiens, pray tell? And how do you
>>the theory that it does with the FACT that we have a lot of genes in
>>common with the pongids, especially the chimpanzee species?
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>> Dave Oldridge
>>Pleas excuse the misunderstanding: explanation to follow.

>>Please excuse the error. I did not mean that there were
no identical , or nearly identical genes, in H. Erectus and
H. Sapiens. I was misunderstood. As H. Sapiens came out
of Africa and replaced H. Erectus there was NO
INTERBREEDING and hence no gene exchange. This comes
from the work on Mitochondrial DNA by Wilson (deceased)
and Rebecca Caan.