Re: petroglyph info please?

19 Apr 1995 17:45 CDT

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>> Some Hopi and Zuni sites in Arizona and New Mexico contain rock art and
>> kiva murals - part of modern kachina ritual.
>> Also Fremont culture - Barrier Canyon, Utah.
>> Also some in Texas - sorry can't recall the site but believe it is south
>> of Austin and know it is near a dam.
>> Good luck in your search,
>> Layne1914
>There are some pictographs about 20 miles east of San Angelo, Tx.
>at a real small town called Paint Rock. San Angelo is about 200 miles
>north west of Austin.

I'll have to make it out to Paint Rock. Are they very impressive? The
pictographs at Seminole Canyon, near Del Rio, knocked my socks off! A
hell of a ways away, but well worth the trip.