Re: Apology for Bard

Thu, 6 Apr 1995 00:50:15 GMT

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>>Phil Nicholls <> wrote:
>>>Once again I would like to apologize for suggesting
>>>BARD read this forum. Now I think it is time we
>>>decide what to do about him.
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>> No need...
>> If a majority of the follow-up posts on this thread
>> vote against me, I will leave on my own accord.
>Bard, I, for one, would prefer you stay -- but that you would treat others
>on this board with some respect. You showed up with a very arrogant manner,
>like you & only you knew anything about paleoanthropology (& since many of
>us here are anthropologists, that's more than a little insulting -- how
>would you feel?) You were obviously just itching to flame people, and
>didn't bother to notice that we try to avoid that around here. You will not
>listen to anyone's opinion but your own. If you had come with your thoughts,
>inviting serious discussion, I'm sure many of us would have been happy to
>consider the question of the demise of the Piths. However, you came with
>proclamations. You offer no sources or credentials to back any of them up,
>and you flame anyone who questions your beliefs. Are you interested in
>science or in starting some new "Pith Worship" cult? Do you want to be
>a group member, or a group leader? If it is the latter, then you had
>better move on, since no one here is interested. If you want to be a
>member, then answer the question we have all been asking: What are your
>sources? Who have you been reading, or where have you been going to
>school? How do you come by your ideas? Piths don't visit you in your
>dreams, do they? Be civil to us & we will be civil back.
> Caroline


Thank you, Madam...

I'll take that as a "yes" vote...

Bard Phil Nicolls

2 2

(Who will break the tie?)