Re: Ebola virus news report

John Atkinson (
Wed, 19 Apr 1995 05:32:49 GMT (Paul Dokas) writes:

>I heard a bit on NPR (All Things Considered) about an Ebola outbreak

Last I heard, they were still trying to work out what it was. It seems to
have been a previously unknown virus. Definitely not the Ebola virus

>in the Australian outback.

Australia, yes; not the outback.

>It started in a group of horses and infected at least one person (he died
>from the disease).

Correct. A stable of racehorses and their trainer.

>The out-break was contained by a quick response from the Aus. government.

Possibly. All races in Queensland were cancelled for a week or two, some
horses were killed I think, and some stables quarantined. There's been no
sign of it since, as far as I know.

>... from memory, so take it with a large grain of salt.