Re: Time Frame: Early Hominids

Joni R Beaulieu (JRB8947@UTARLG.UTA.EDU)
9 Apr 1995 01:46:20 GMT

Excuse me, but maybe I read your time frame wrong. the XXs mark well
defined? i.e. data supports? Hmmm....I don't recall Klein mentioning
that A. aethiopicus as being well supported. This supposed and much
argued "species" is represented by KNM-WT-17000, the black skull. It
is dated at 2.5 mya which would make it several 100K older than any
robust species found. The features are primitive. But as it's own
species -- that's debatable.

Of course, I'm a lumper, not a splitter. And I like lots of data to
back up hypotheses. One fossil doesn't a species make -- for me.