Student Quest-Human Skulls

Cory Wisnia (
13 Apr 1995 21:02:12 GMT

To Whom It May Concern,

I'm an 8th grade student in the Mendocino Middle School, Mendocino CA.

My name is Jeremy Kenyon and I am interested in the skull because it is
what I want to learn about.

I am doing a project on the human skull. I have a question for you. My
Invested question is: what is there to know about the human skull? I know
that the skull is made of about 30 bones. It is also there to protect the
brain from getting damaged. There is a soft spot on a baby's head until one
year of age. The skull holds the brain, the eyes, ears, nerves, and the
nose hole. I have several other more specific questions I'm interested in.

1. How strong are the bones of the skull?
2. How has the human skull evolved?
3. What are the bones of the skull?
4. How much weight can the skull hold before it will crush?
5. What's the largest head ever?
6. Do different races have significantly different shaped skulls?

At our school we have Netscape/www, Gopher and Newswatcher so if you know
any good info about the human skull I would appreciate knowing it.

E-mail to my teacher Cory Wisnia, at this address:

Thank you: