Re: pre - afarensis find?

12 Apr 1995 04:19:55 GMT

In article <3mcrqm$>, JRB8947@UTARLG.UTA.EDU (Joni R Beaulieu) writes:
>Not to long ago I read an article in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram about
>another fossil found in the Afar Triangle that predated A. afarensis.
>Now I can't find the article and have not been able to find references
>in the journals. Has anyone heard of this?
>UTA Grad Student

That was A.ramidus, dated 4.4mya. They don't have alot of pieces of it (in
particular, I don't feel they have enough to establish bipedalism), but they
are still excavating over there. Tim White & co. found and named it. It
was in both Science & Nature, but I can't remember which issues off-hand.
Caroline R. Cooper