Re: Ebola virus news report

Paul Dokas (
10 Apr 1995 16:44:29 GMT

J. Moore ( wrote:
> In Sunday's Toronto Star there is a report, originally from US News and
> World Report, of the Ebola virus infecting "a Swiss scientist studying
> chimpanzees in Ivory Coast". It mentions she survived, but didn't
> mention her name. Is this, as I would assume, Hedwige Boesch?
> (Hedwige and Christophe Boesch are the two who've been studying chimps
> there for some years now, and who did the studies of nut-cracking with
> tools by chimps there.) If someone has a news source with more info,
> perhaps they could post it.
> Thanks,
> Jim Moore (

I heard a bit on NPR (All Things Considered) about an Ebola outbreak
in the Australian outback. It started in a group of horses and
infected at least one person (he died from the disease). The out-
break was contained by a quick response from the Aus. government.

All of that is from memory, so take it with a large grain
of salt...


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