Re: Leave BARD Alone!

JoeBeaver (
6 Apr 1995 23:54:45 -0400

Don Forbush writes:

>The best insult all of you could give BARD is to simply ignore him. Our
>lack of response to his remarks and insults is the best way to squelch
>someone like him whose aim is to satisfy his hunger for attention.

>After all, one of the greatest manifestations of intelligence is knowing
>when to be silent.

I agree. In this case, however, it seems perhaps more productive to
attempt to convince BARD to integrate himself into the normal operation of
this newsgroup. If he acts in a more circumspect manner and makes a
sincere effort to contribute usefully, he will likely provide a spark of
life to the sometimes mundane flow of information.
Simply ignoring him will likely cause him to depart this newsgroup,
but I think it would be unethical to allow him to do so without at least
attempting to convince him to alter his behavior and perhaps contribute

Joseph Beaver