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Mon, 3 Apr 1995 19:31:58

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>>Evolution is only a theory
>This is a misunderstanding of what is meant when one says *theory*.
>Scientists have a different definition of the word theory than most folks.
>Most folks use the word theory to mean what a scientist would refer to as
>an hypothesis.Believe me evolution,perhaps not exactly as Darwin imagined
>it ,is both theory and fact.

The main concern of evolution here is what forces are responsible for the
differentiation of species. One can also include the origination of life as
well in the general category. Personally, as an amateur paleontologist I
believe Darwin views are remarkably accurate. Especially given the material
he had to work with. The Grant's work in the Galapagos Islands has contributed
significant information demonstrating that evolution does occur as Darwin
had theorized. Until studies show different I am inclined to agree.

Regarding "Creationism" there is one major problem no one seems to have
mentioned. First I presume that by "Creationsim" one is strictly referring to
Biblical stories of creation. There are no less than three different accounts
of creation in the Bible. All three contradict each other as to how and in
what order the world and life were established by God. None of the three
accounts are supported by scientific data. On the contrary, all areas
of the relevant sciences (geology, paleontology, astrophysics, etc.) provide
evidence that the biblical accounts are [absurdly -- in my opinion]
inaccurate. Therefore I feel they have no place in secular education. If the
creation myths are to have relevance for people today it is for their
affirmation that there is a purpose in creation. It is not because they reveal
"divine" information about the creation process.