Re: Location of Lucy Fossil?

3 Apr 1995 23:28:18 GMT

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>>> This is all I could find, hope it helps...
>>> BALL, Lucille Desiree (1911-1989)
>>> US film and television comedienne
>>> and producer, best known for her
>>> television role as "LUCY".
>>> BARD
>>Bard, are you off your medication? Drinking too much coffee? Do you find
>>yourself wandering about in the middle of the night? It seems to me people are
>>trying to give you good information (open for "rational" debate) and this is
>>how you choose to reply? Bard, I don't think this group is equiped to
>>provide to you the "type" of help you seem to be asking for. Trolling and
>>baiting (to incite a flame war) is much more productive on groups such as:
>>Perhaps, there you may find your avenue to "vent" and purge your soul. I'm sure
>>you will find "friends" and people who will admire you for your knowledge, wit
>>and charm among those Alt.* groups. Anthropologist's are boring people Bard,
>>much too boring for the likes of you. I see from your posts things like
>>theory, facts, artifacts, and research have little value to you (when held next
>>to your white-hot sense of humor they are as dim as fireflys). Please seek
>>your adventure there, Bard. We will never miss you (we hardly notice each
>>other) and I -- for one -- just can't keep up with your quick mind.
>>Jay (jr9426 to you Bard)
> Ah, the voice of reason...
> So calm...
> So logical...
> So full of baloney....
> Listen, pal, I'll vent my spleen wherever I damn well please
> and if you get in the way it'll be all over your dandruff-speckled,
> 35 year old, mouse gray Hush Puppies.
> Now back to your bean counting and nose picking before I start
> flaming the little martinet of hero you think of yourself as
> and show everyone the empty-suited, four ulcer neurotic
> you really are.
To my fellows on the group. The following is a flame containing foul and crude
language. I am truly sorry that BARD did not see fit to flame me via e-male
and apologize in advance for the flaming.

Bard, you ignorant slob,

Did you say "vent" your spleen? I'll EAT your fucking spleen ya mouth
breathing, knuckle walking, piece of useless shit. You brainless little turd,
you wouldn't know a bone from a fuckin' boner.

See here now -- this is REAL important, so take your porky little fingers out
of your sister for a second and pay attention.

I killed and ate the last "pith." There are NO more. You, my meathead friend,
are an Asshole and don't belong in this group. Your posts are bullshit and your
fucking flames are lame and weak. You are such a lucky motherfucker! If you
were in my face I would stick my mouse grey Hush Puppies so far up your well
used anal canal you would sneeze shoestrings for a month.

How long did you think you could play your little game ya fucking fraud.
Flaming is MY game -- mouse turd. This is my church and I'm sacrificing you to
ZERVAN. I'm pissing all over you my bitch-slapped little whore and I'm going
to make it my business you piss over everthing you post from now until LUCY
fucking WALKS. Of course, a brainless, inbred, tick infested, maggot laden,
festering gob of infected shit -- like your mother *might* love you (I suspect
because you're porking her), but rest assured nobody here does.

Are you pissed? Are your ears hot BRAD? I'm just warming up. So Moron, are
you up to it? Wanna play MY fucking game. Wanna try logic next? You fucking
little useless fly speck of a man -- I'm gonna spank you off the net.

C'mon, ya sniveling little moronic coward -- it's play time.

JR9426 aka Rumpleforeskin