Re: Who Killed the Australopithecines?

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Mon, 3 Apr 95 16:56:00 -0500

Ba> >In article <>, BARD <> wrote:
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Ba> >> Everything being equal, they were better equipped to survive
Ba> >> than either ape or man; yet they perished... How and by whom?
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Ba> >> Bard

Ba> Evolution suggests a progression in adaptability. Working backwards
Ba> we see the Pith's hands and feet were more evolved than the chimpanzee;
Ba> the chimp's more so than the baboon; the baboon more than the
Ba> tarsier, etc...

Ba> Piths could do more things, travel greater distances, eat a wider
Ba> variety of food, employ more clever ways to get this food; evade
Ba> danger better, and yet the chimpanzee survives and the Pith
Ba> doesn't.

You were asked for some evidence for your statement that "they were
better equipped to survive than either ape or man"; your above answer
speaks only of apes (and does a poor job of that). Let's ask again:
what is your evidence for saying:

"they [australopithecines] were better equipped to survive
than either ape or man"

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